things I do well are playing football last year we got a ring and we went to the super bowl.Also hunting .My to best hunts are when I killed a 12 pointer buck.And a big 200 pound hog.along with that I killed 14 coons in 2018.Something I want to quit doing is ARGUING!Me and my brother and sister, argue a lot and I want to stop arguing.1 way I am going to improve in school?I am going to study more because sometimes I don’t study for test and im not ready.9 thing I want to learn about is spanish,founding fathers,America,wild west,math,civil war,Alamo,food (cooking).

My  word of the year is love.Whenever I get mad I can think of love.I will pick love because thats  what jesus did for all of us.And that is also my moms word of the year.I also need to learn to love my Brother and sister more.

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