Midnight Ride

Minute men,freedom is what they shought that’s one of the reasons they fought In the night of April 18,1775 Dawes,Prescott,and Revere rode on a horse to warn others During the night a signal was put up,2 lanterns to say the british were coming in a boat Notice the people who rode in the night Dawes,Prescott,and Revere […]

2019 Goals and Word of the year

things I do well are playing football last year we got a ring and we went to the super bowl.Also hunting .My to best hunts are when I killed a 12 pointer buck.And a big 200 pound hog.along with that I killed 14 coons in 2018.Something I want to quit doing is ARGUING!Me and my […]

Colonial Fur Trader

Today we just gave 5 beaver pelts to Indians.When we checked our traps tiis beaver was acting really aggressive and tried to bite my lad John.The next trap only had a baby muskrat that we would use for dinner.Also I snuck a beaver and skinned it for a hat I was going to make.On our […]

Colonial Leaders

Who is Roger Williams A leader A Separatist A Plymouth leader A minister Founded city of Providence Believed in rights of Indians Was a Puritan A Massachusetts  president Believed in religious freedom Friends of indians That is Roger Williams

Jamestown or Plymouth

I would pick Plymouth Because they made thanksgiving a holiday.Also because we were friends with the indians so they  could teach us how to survive.Another thing is when we got off course they made the best of it.They also had good leadership so when they landed in the wrong place they were ok.Also they wore […]

The child stolen at sunrise

It was 5:00 then madness happened!People sighted a ZOMBIE that had stolen a child.Once the police heard they were on the search!Then when the parents found out they were sad.The first place the police searched was an old cemetery in woods,and they searched the kid’s grandparents grave.But all they found was a foot print and […]


This year was 2018 it was white oaks homecoming.Homecoming for white oak only happens every 3 years and it is really special.I was included in homecoming this year,im on the 5th 6th little neck tackle football team and we were on the float that was on my dads trailer and my dad was driving it.Also […]