9/11 Reflections

9/11 was a bad day not just for people in New York or in Washington D.C. or in Pensilvanya.ItĀ  was a bad day for all Americans they thought we would be a bad country if they did that.Risking theirĀ  lives just to have us feel bad but we came through it.We are the best country […]

The Pumpkin Patch

Hi,my name is Braddock.Im a boy in the fifth grade we are visiting the pumpkin patch in the Fall it is cold .there I saw there are red pumpkins some are orange some are big some are round some are small.Some are dirty some are clean and some are flat.Also there is a shed that […]

Life in fifth grade

Life in fifth grade.I like being in it you get a lot of freedom.Also because I get to have the best teachers ever and we get to have recess early in the morning sometimes.We never got to do that in fourth grade!My favorite enhancement is P.E. and healthy bodies where you do fun stations to […]

Football Game comeback

it was the fourth quarter and white oak was losing 7 -13 and Tyson was under the center to take the snap. after he did he rushed for the end zone. and made it now there was 3 minutes left and we were winning 13 14 and now we won because of defense. and I […]

Because of Winn Dixie

My favorite character in the story is Winn Dixie.I like him because he is very gentle and he is kind to everyone.What my favorite part in the book is when ever opal and preacher go looking for Winn Dixie.It is so sweet,and I like it also because Opal left the party just to go find […]